105 PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

105 PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

Model No.︰JYD105

Brand Name︰Jingyeda brand

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

 JYD105 PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line is a small model. It is mainly to produce thin foam sheet in roll. If you replace the head and assistant units, it is also widely used to produce PE foam profiles.  

  Shenzhen JYD Industry is a pioneer grade ODM specialist. We focus on.    
  Well known and welcomed for top foaming quality: Comparatively speaking, lowest density, smaller mini cell, better elasticity and nicer appearance. 

*  Both direct butane or LPG may be the foaming gas. Our machine is sensitive enough for LPG foaming.      
* Min. density 15.5 kg/m3 with very good hardness.    
* New improvement: Hydraulic screen exchanger's both sides with heaters. Therefore screen holder's hole cleaning is much easier.

Technical parameter

Model No.


Screw Diameter

105 mm

Screw L/Dia



100 - 150 kg/hr

Product Thickness


Product Width

900-1600 mm

Foaming Times



15-95 kg/m3


Air cool + Water cool

Installed power

abt.150 kw

Power supply

60 kw, 380VAC, 50 hz or as required

Screw RPM


Dimensions (L/W/H)

25,000 x 2500x2200 mm

Net weight


1. Platform / ladder, 1 set


2. Material Mixer, 1 set.

Volume: 50kg  

Shape: round

Material: Q235A

3. Auto loader, 1 set.

By Shenzhen Taiqiang, 1 set. With alarm.

4. Additive extruder, 1 set

Single extruder, D35 mm x 200 mm long

Feeding method: directly into the barrel neck

Decelerate AC motor: 1.5 kw, 1/43. 1 set.

V. F. drive, 1.5 kw. 1 set

5. Extruder, 1 set.

Gearbox: HT200, by Changzhou, China.

Stepless spiral gear.

40Cr gear.  

Main motor: 55 KW x4P, by Anhui Liu’an.

+V.F. drive, by Shenzhen Winner

Neck unit: stainless steel plate.

Water cool coupling type.

Barrel: ID105 x OD 185 mm. 52:1.

38CrALA + nitride.

By Zhejiang Zhousan.

With 9 cast alu ring heater + tap water cooling.

Screw: D105 mm. 52:1.

38CrALA+ nitride.

Hardness: 75 Rockwell.

Compress ratio: 3:1. 0-80 rpm.

By Zhejiang Zhousan.

6. Gas (butane/ LPG) pump, 1 set

By Zijiang, Hangzhou.

Pump type: high pressure volumetric, with 2 pistons + V. F. drive.

Output pressure: Max. 300 MPA

Output qty adjustment: by piston stroke.

Pressure gauge: 0 - 500 MPA

Stroke control: scale hand wheel.

7. GMS pump, 1 set

Anti shrinkage type, M-1, mono glyceride
Quantity count range: 35-245 CC/min
Pressure gauge: 0-300 mpa, 1 piece

melt pot volume: 5 - 7L
drive motor: 2.2 KWx4P, 1 set 

8. Extruder head, 1 set

Mould, of 45 steel. 3 pcs.

Heating method: ring heater

Melt temperature, 1 zone

T/M melt pressure gauge: 40 MPA, 1 set

Thickness control, by screw rpm and mould clearance

Material: mould steel.

Heating zone, 1

9. Auto Screen exchanger, 1 set

Type: Hydraulic double-screen type

With heaters to insure easy screen plate cleaning. Heating, 1 zone.

10. Air ring, 1 set

Material: cast alu

Fan motor: 1.1 kw x2

11. Mandrel, 3 pcs

Cooling method: air cool + water cool

Slit method: Electric driving round cutter

12. Open-flat unit, 3 pcs

1 arch type and 2 frame type

Material: Q235A

13. Static electricity eliminator, 2 pcs

Type: ion fan

14. Haul station, 1 pcs

Roller sizes: D420 x 1,700 mm x 2 pcs

Material: No. 20 steel pipe + chromeplate

Transmission motor: 3HP x 4P, adjustable

Open roller sizes: D182 x 1,750 mm

15. Winding turret, 1 set

Type, turret

Max. Winding weight: 40 kg x 1m in diameter

Max. Tension value: 15 kg

Transmission motor: Speed adjustable. Torque motor of 50 kg/cm3 x 2 pcs.

Length control: length meter + alarm

CCW motor: 1HP x 1/10 gear retarder motor

16. Control system

Temperature control zone: 8 for extruder and 1 for the head, PID.

Main cabinet, 1 pcs.

Haul/ turret cabinet: 1 pcs

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